Just for Women – Home Business Ideas That Work

Too often women find themselves caught between the instinct to spend as much time at home, caring for their family and the urge to prove that they are capable of earning a living and providing financial support. In the past, finding the balance between these two needs was very difficult to find, but that has changed over the past 15 years. Today there are all sorts of just for women home business opportunities that you can take advantage of. Not only will taking advantage of them help you find harmony, but also you might even find that you enjoy the work a great deal more than you ever enjoyed your traditional job. Not only will you be earning a living while caring for your family, you’ll also be in a position of power.

What you shouldn’t do is quit your current job and come home and announce that you are going to start a home business. This type of behavior seldom has good results. No matter what women home business opportunity you decide to take advantage of, getting started is going to require that you carefully plan everything out and that you are determined that your business will succeed. Most women find that running and managing their home business is very rewarding, but there are going to be some bumps along the way so you’ll need to brace yourself.

When you start to look at the women who were able to start and manage their own home businesses and also turn them into financial situations, you’ll notice a couple of things that all the women have in common. They are all very independent to the point of stubbornness, they have mad organizational skills, they are very self-disciplined, and they are fearless. Most of the successful women also have very well-developed senses of humor and are able to see the lighter side of things and laugh when things start falling apart.

Even though the idea of quitting your day job to manage a home business might be really tempting, you need to quell the urge. If you have a regular job, you should keep it, at least until you have a really good grasp of how well the women home business opportunity is going to pan out for you. The economy is poor right now; you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you aren’t making any money at all.

Don’t think that your women home business idea is going to be an instant success and that you will soon be rolling in more money than you could ever possibly hope to spend. You need to remember that even overnight success take a while to shine. You need to give your home business some time to really catch on.

Selling Your Business to a Buyer

How to Structure a Deal for Selling Your Business

There are so many ways you can go about selling your business and it’s another source of cash to fund your retirement. You can sell it outright to a buyer or you can merge with another firm. In either case, finding the right buyer is key.

Why? Because if you sell your company to a buyer that doesn’t share your values, your clients/customers will leave. And if you care about what happens to your clients after you’re gone, then selling to a buyer who shares your values is really important.

One great way to assure a smooth transition is to bring in a partner before you plan on selling your business. Another option is to make a key employee a partner by giving him/her equity. You could also work with a business broker. Or, you could spread the word through your contacts such as your attorney, CPA and any other trusted advisor who might know a buyer worthy of your business.

Most business values are determined by the business results over the last 3 years. Before selling your business, there are some key things that will determine its value.

Transition risk of client base: The easier you are able to transition your clients to the buyer, the more your business is worth. For example, say you do business with your clients on a face to face basis but you find out your potential buyer solely does business over the phone. Obviously this is not a good match. Your cash flow: Your revenue stream needs to be as predictable as possible. You also want to make sure that you do not have only a few clients who make up a big portion of your revenue. Also, the age range of your client base needs to be as diverse as possible. This creates a more long lasting revenue stream. Here is a possible math scenario for selling your business:

Let’s assume your last 12 months of sales are $250,000 and you are selling your business to a junior person at your company.

Let’s say the sales price is $500,000. You could ask for 20% down or $100,000. You could then issue a promissory note for $175,000. You are basically lending the buyer the $175k and he is making monthly payments, say at a rate of 6%, for a period of 4 years. So you now know exactly how much money you will get paid every month.

A third and final phase of the deal is called an earnout. The buyer pays the seller a percentage of the future revenue for an agreed upon period of time. In this case, the buyer has paid $275,000 and is still on the hook for another $225,000.

The buyer can pay the seller 10% of the seller’s revenues after each year. This motivates the seller to successfully transition the clients to the new buyer. The use of this earnout may increase or decrease the final purchase price.

The tax treatment in all of these types of sales varies. Many of these sales can allow the seller to use long term capital gains tax rates and not ordinary income tax rates on the sale. (Please consult your tax professional for more information.)

Bear in mind that this is only one way that you could structure a deal for selling your business. There many, many other ways you can structure the transition to achieve the outcome you want.

But here’s the bottom line. Make your business a lucrative one that’s attractive to potential buyers. Develop a plan to monetize the value of it. Your customers will continue to get taken care of and you could be handsomely rewarded.

I see so many entrepreneurs close up shop and leave huge money on the table. If you have any questions about selling your business, please feel free to give me a call.

I Just Started My Home Business – What Is The Quickest Way To Make Money Now, Rather Than Later?

Where do I really start?

This is one of the most important questions that a new home based business entrepreneur can ask. I can remember my first month or so in the home based business industry as being some very confusing times.

Excited, open and ready to take on the world. I became confuse as a result of all the information being thrown at me about what I had to do to make money from my home business.

I was experiencing what so many new home based business entrepreneurs experience today, it’s called information overload. When you combine information overload with the enthusiasm of a new untrained home based business entrepreneur, you have someone who quickly loses their excitement and hope because of a lack of results ( making money).

So I have decided to breakdown the things you need to consider when first starting your home based business, so that you will have a good shot at making money now, rather than later..

“3 Key Factors To Making Money In Your Home Based Business Now Rather Than Later”

1. Understand That You Are Starting A Business.

The biggest mistake so many beginners and those that struggle to make money from home is that they approach their business like it’s something that is going build itself. People come up with the most creative excuse for not doing what is necessary to succeed. Here are facts about succeeding in your home business. The quicker you understand that YOU must take responsibility for building and maintaining the success of YOUR business the quicker you’ll start to make money.

2. Develop A Mindset For Success.

This is critical to the success of your home based business because most of us come to this industry with an employee mindset. Therefore we have to reprogram our minds for success. You must feed your mind new information to the point where your subconscious mind accept the new information as your new standard.

To accomplish this you should incorporate a regular (I suggest daily) regiment of some type of personal development material. You can read, listen to an audio, watch a video, etc.

3. Take Actions That Will Result In Creating Sales.

This is the one step that can literally destroys the possibilities of making money for the average home based business beginner. This is also the step that is mostly neglected by those who struggle to make money from home.

You can’t think or meditate money into your bank account. You must take the necessary steps to turn your bank account into a money sucking vacuum.

Here’ are the basic steps…

Here’s what I do after I find a deal with an outstanding compensation plan coupled with a great product that’s in high demand.

Step #1: Deal with the #1 thing that makes you money now, rather than later.


You have to quickly prepare to get sign ups… (this doesn’t take long)

Questions you need to be prepared to answer…

- How does a new person sign up?

- What are the sign up options and cost?

- When is payday?

- When is the cut off dates for payday and orders?

With this you are prepared for any and all sign up question when (no if) you get your first sign up. I would get this information committed to memory because I always assume that all my prospects are ready to sign up and you should too.

Being prepared, it’s time to get sign ups.

Step #2: Getting people to look at your deal.

This is what normally separates those that make money from home from those that are just thinking about making money from home. My friend if you want to change your income and your lifestyle, you MUST get people to look at and examine our deal. You have to sell a product or some type of service, this can only be accomplished by getting a target market to checkout what you are offering.

Now let’s get to the point. Here are some options of how you can get people to look at and evaluate your deal. I’m also going to let you know the best option for the AVERAGE person to make money now. I repeat the AVERAGE person.

Here’s 8 way to get your deal looked at:

1. Placing small ads in local and national publications.

2. Pay Per Click Marketing (very quick results when done right, however it is costly)

3. Article Marketing (write article on your related niches – very time-consuming)

4. YouTube Marketing (Is very effective once you get enough videos out there)

5. Join Venture with someone who has a large list (this is almost impossible for a newbie to do)

6. Forum Marketing (visit related forums, develop a relationship with that forum and start posting comments to questions – this is really slow)

7. Search Engine Optimization: (for a beginner who wants to make money NOW… forget about it.)

8. Social Media Marketing ( to time-consuming and only work for a very few)

… and the list can go on. Now listen up… all the above marketing strategies you will use in the future. But if you want to make money now.

Here is the best way for the AVERAGE person to make money from home now and not later.

Note: Please be mindful that you are going to have marketers who agree and disagree with the following approach.

The best way to start making money “now” is to get a simple yet effective script. Purchase some inexpensive leads and start calling those leads. I suggest that you initially purchase leads that are 30 -90 day old or older.

Please keep in mind that your first 30 to 40 calls will be practice. When I started, I made my first sale after my 18th call and it was “on and popping” like the young people say.

If you are looking for the fastest way to start making money from your home based business, this article gives you a good starting point.